NBA2king 2K MT - What is your most memorable NBA 2K narrative?

Mine is remembered by me. I was in Afghanistan and cheap mt nba 2k21 I had a laptop with me. Not one of the big ones, small foundation. So much pleasure. We played with 6 or 5 seasons. I picked the Clippers to Get Started. Lob City was a fucking code. Stealing in that game was busted. You could boost players stats at the end of a year depending on the number of awards you have (players on the All star team, MVP, etc.) I boosted Chris Paul's steal to 99 and he can only pickpocket anyone, it was really broken.

Anyway, the foundation cook and I'm playing with in one of the regular season games inside. Little dark room with shelves. He's up by two with just 6 seconds left, I a large open 3 with Paul and receive a cheesy ass steal. I'm 100% convinced the ball is going in Since Paul's hands are being left by the ball. No doubt in my own mind. I went to celebrate, stood up quickly, and that I did not realize how far I leaned. The back of my head SMASHED on. It hurt so damn awful. I immediately threw both hands and am only writhing in pain. I look back at the screen and the fucking taken clanks out. Not only did I smash my head on a shelf, I lost NBA 2K20. I don't think anyone has ever laughed at me.

Another one that springs to mind is Kevin Garnet draining a backwards jumper. Literally facing regular shot cartoon, away from the basket, ball moves behind him and into the hoop. I believe this was 2k7, that also had the best game style Scramble Starters, whatsoever. For those who don't understand the attractiveness of Scramble Starters, it was only an exhibition match and a team would be chosen by you like normal. But you were just choosing the bench. Afterward, NBA 2K20 will randomize your line up by choosing people from teams, one at each place.

2k20 new my livelihood with ATL I hit the shot that gave us against the Lakers with 1.5 sec staying, they had time outs, then Davis passes to LeBron, LeBron shots, and hits the scores. It happened to me, thought it was funny to tell. Now with jokes when I struck every single Park game I played 16, and Legend 1 on 2k16, I miss this game. I remember my buddy sending me a chunk of him losing into the pc on a complete court heave, shits hilarious.I recall my buddy sending me a clip of him losing to the computer on a full court heave, shits hilarious.I mean you cant take it in a bad way, I laugh about it, its only a game, also I recalled one man that shared on Reddit exactly the exact same thing, but at the first game of how to buy mt in nba 2k21 mycareer where you're supposed to win.

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