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"Anecdotally it is also not super welcoming to new Phantasy Star Online 2 players yet - at least both of those people I got to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta play with it felt frustrated and confused early on and quit within a couple weeks." That's the biggest problem but folks seem to ignore that, specially crafting and the dozens (which isn't an exaggeration) of monies, it's a clusterfuck of stuff that hasn't been streamlined. I'll be surprised if the host lasts for more than 3 years.

I think PSO2 has the capability to be popular in the West. On the other hand, the decision to release on Xbox Only, which is the console using the smallest install base at this time, and dispersing Phantasy Star Online 2 through the Windows store only is gonna hurt the numbers that it could have possibly reached. Folks utilize Steam for this. Regardless, I think that it will have a decent audience, and it ought to be healthy for a while should they continue expending to platforms.

Currently, the only thing I am worried about is the absence of communication. Technically, this is not an"problem" because Phantasy Star Online 2 just published, but there is no data circulating, no street map, no details about bug fixes or new material, and that will surely turn some Phantasy Star Online 2 players away.

Frankly I feel like the content needs to be a slow trickle as publishing it all at once would basically turn a lot of Phantasy Star Online 2 into fluff. It would almost be the same issue we have except instead of having no content to check at we have a ton of irrelevant content. Phantasy Star Online 2 on JP had had so many years to develop into what it is now. Skipping all that development and transformation would make me feel a bit cheated.

Information would be useful. A roadmap would definitely make a huge difference as right now it's tough to really plan on things to do considering we dont know if it will be a slow trickle of content or a massive leap. However I also presume that covid had to have some impact on their inner roadmap. If they are translating content then its gotta be a struggle to work that around lockdown and social distancing.I totally agree that content ought to be delivered gradually over time, never to think differently. But what we have right now is very barebones and also the lack of pso2 sales information on what's coming or what they are likely makes it less than ideal.

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