OSRS gold - Other things are OSRS gold abilities like farming - Other things are OSRS gold abilities like farming

Other things are OSRS gold abilities like farming. It is really annoying how erroneous expansion cycles are just because they move on a much longer global tick system. Why can not skills if programs like vents can be toss 'em out and come back later with a timer? I also think it's ridiculous that many potions are still not on a timer such as overloads are but rather drop based on a international tick. It's extremely annoying when I use a dose of a potion to attain the exact level I desire and then 2 seconds later my stat drops because I chose a bad tick to drink it.
I suppose my point being that I think ticks should still be around, and they do not NEED to be faster (the global cooldown on skills is quicker than FF14 by way of example, although that game has plenty of off-cooldown skills you may use immediately.) But clearly RuneScape has dozens of different tick rates going on at the exact same time, so why don't uniform them remove a number of these entirely in exchange for real timers?
1 thing about server capacity issues,they are because of overpopulating hardware servers using virtual servers. They are trying to much on their servers at a given time. It's far cheaper for almost any data intensive organization to spin servers up rather then having a physical hardware host for Buy Runescape gold every single world. Over doing digital servers is very common as companies attempt to gain more clients without increasing costs. Option? This would have to be done before other changes or tick changes to RuneScape that may require server attention.

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