Technology - Why is Outlook not sending or receiving emails?

The Outlook is employed by an enormous number of users around the globe. By using the Outlook services, you'll be able to send and receive emails together with managing your tasks and calendar furthermore. Sometimes, issues like Outlook not sending or receiving emails occur abruptly while using the services and you can't do anything about it at that time. Microsoft Outlook won't send or receive emails is a slip-up that Outlook users face very frequently. 

Number of the common causes that result in such problems.

  • Internet connection problem.
  • You are receiving emails but in your spam folder.
  • Email sync issues.
  • Full inbox storage.
  • Blocked users.
  • Temporarily blocked account.
  • Outlook server issues.
  • Unverified settings.
  • Anti-virus and other security measures.

Use these common solutions

  • Ensure to have a high-speed internet connection.
  • Check your spam folder.
  • Check your block list.
  • Delete irrelevant emails.
  • Verify your account settings.
  • Disable security services.

Outlook provides the best services in its class and not to mention that Outlook is one amongst the foremost popular email server utilized by around 400 million users worldwide. Still, there are times when users may face some common issues like this, and for that, Outlook has provided multiple solutions still. 

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