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We often conduct maintenance on our game servers to cheap Dofus Kamas ensure they are functioning correctly. While under maintenance, the game server might be unavailable for many hours. Here is an summary of the cases. We run a weekly maintenance every Tuesday morning on DOFUS and every Wednesday morning on DOFUS Retro.

Different log files are retrieved and retrieved.Database upkeep -- Certain tables can only be optimized when players no longer need read or write access to this database.Game server maintenance -- Shutting down and then restarting the game servers lets us avoid certain game latency problems that accumulate if the servers are not restarted regularly.Complete backup of game server data -- We've got a method for backing up all game info while the servers are up and running (without disrupting the game), but we also perform backups once the game servers are offline.

Server operation updates -- The server application and game information are sometimes updated and replaced with a more recent version. Deployment of spots out there from the changelog. During maintenance, our testing team verifies that developments and stains are functioning correctly. Even when these maintenance operations don't provide fresh in-game material or fixes visible to players, they allow us to make sure our servers and databases are functioning properly.

So, why Tuesday in particular? Just because in case a problem occurs after an update or maintenance operation, our teams may intervene over the upcoming few days. It should also be mentioned that Tuesday morning (French time) is when there's the smallest amount of action concerning players: There is more activity in the evenings and evenings than in the early morning (French time). DOFUS being an international game, there are gamers connected at any time of the day or night.

These maintenance operations are announced on Twitter and about the forums, as a top statement on the main page. The"Server status" section allows you to have a follow-up on possible compensations or more info like rollback to get example.Sometimes we can not declare it in advance because it is a repair on a crucial bug that needs immediate intervention. We apologize ahead of time for any fights cancelled or playtime missed during these processes, but this kind of maintenance is crucial for Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale your game to run correctly.

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