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I will do my best to be as good as possible. I am a decent young man. This happened a few months before I left home. I have a girlfriend who is jealous of every girl. Sometimes she cannot be said that she is not jealous of my mother. I don't give her a reason to be jealous. I have never been deceived, I am a pretty decent person. It's my girlfriend who imagines all these crazy events (her sex is my crazy and much higher than mine).

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When my gf heard that I was traveling around town for four weeks, she decided to surprise me. After I packed my bags and went to say goodbye to her, she helped put my bag in the sedan. After a lot of kisses and hugs, I hurried.
When I arrived at the camp, I was given a private lodging and I was satisfied with it. The camp lasted four weeks. My friend, it's been a long time I can't stay with me. Strange thoughts began to run through my head, but then I cut my own slack, went straight to the car and unloaded my luggage. Surprisingly, a large heavy box was found behind the car with notes. "Open alone. I love you."

I didn't know what was in it, so I dragged this mystery box into my room and headed for the first camp meeting. At night, I entered my room and went straight for an unknown long baggage.
At first I thought it was a kind of mannequin, but upon closer inspection I realized that the package contained Tpdoll's very realistic sex love doll. I was surprised. My girlfriend was buying a love doll to cool with me.

I pulled out a Silicon Love Doll. It was Britney of the Premium Dolls of huge breasts. I knew I loved her huge boobs and her green eyes.
As soon as I turned my eyes to a super realistic love doll, my cock grew to full, so I went straight. I rushed a new love doll and swallowed my mouth across my huge breast. At the same time I grabbed my ass while sucking my boobs. It was super real.

The TPE Love Doll is about 145cm tall and felt very real. I discarded all my clothes, bounced off her ass, soaked my whole cock in her ass from behind. Surprisingly, the Love Doll has begun to moan like a real human! Her moaning strengthened my sexual urge, and I kept pounding. After a while, I turned her face up and I entered her wet pussy. It was so sweet that I was able to unleash all my sexual fantasies with Lovedoll without complaints from Lovedoll. After pounding her woman for a few minutes, I entered her mouth, where she poured the juice completely. I was very satisfied. I staggered in the bathroom and cleansed. I entered my room, cleaned the new love doll and kept her safe. While living in a super-real love doll, her body was as hot as a real human. It was a wonderful experience. I protected the love doll from a secure love doll out of reach of others at the camp and slapped her every night at the camp until I came back to meet her.

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