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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that was created in 2001. This platform was created in order to share the information of the world to the world and this is the reason that this platform was made open to people. But Wiki page creation isn’t as simple as you think and it requires to go through a specific process and make it happen. Here is a guide of how to create a Wikipedia page easily.

  1. Research the Subject or Theme First

Well, before even getting to the Wikipedia you must first research about the topic or theme that you have selected. The two things that you should research about here is that it has enough information with solid references and it has something that makes it to be notable to be mentioned on Wikipedia. The other thing is that it must not be controversial or something that is not yet proven or is under debate. Such type of themes is strictly not allowed on Wikipedia.

  1. Create a Wikipedia Account

The next thing you need to get done is to create a Wikipedia account. This is to make the contemplations on bringing your identity to Wikipedia which could then be used to create the Wikipedia page or article. One piece of advice that experts pass on here is that you should always use real information to make a Wikipedia account as entering fake information might become a trouble in the later steps.

  1. Write The Content in Wikipedia Format

Well, the next and the last thing to get done is writing content in Wikipedia format which is an essential step in creating the Wikipedia page. Well, you can hire a Wikipedia writer if you have no idea about Wikipedia writing and this way your content could be ready to be posted on the Wikipedia page but before that, it will be sent for approval to the platform and if it fits all the requirements it will be posted on your page.

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